New perspectives on Legislation: How does the new Money and Asset Laundering Prevention Law affect your company?

By Jorge Andrés Cóbar | Dic 26, 2023 | RRSS | 

New Perspectives on Criminal Legislation: How Does It Affect Your Company?

At Bufete Cóbar, we are always attentive to legislative changes that may impact your company. With the current debate in Congress over a new law, it is crucial to understand how it could affect different sectors. This legislative proposal, still in the approval process, could exempt certain industries from the obligation to implement a comprehensive system for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (MLD/FT) and the Prevention of Assets of Mass Destruction (PADM). Sectors that could be affected include:

  1. Travel agency
  2. Construction companies
  3. Private security companies and weapons importers
  4. Hotel sector
  5. Political parties
  6. Non-governmental organizations
  7. Pharmaceutical sector, including drugstores and pharmacy chains
  8. Associations, consortia and business unions
  9. Various private institutions and commercial companies

Although this law has not yet been approved by the legislative plenary session, it is important that companies within these sectors are prepared to adapt to potential changes. We recommend staying up to date with legislation and not completely discarding your current PLD policies, as there is always the possibility of future amendments.

At Bufete Cóbar, we are committed to keeping you informed and advising you on the changes that this Law will make. If your business falls into any of these sectors, or if you have questions about how these changes might affect you, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help you navigate this ever-evolving legal environment and ensure your business is prepared for any changes.

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